SPC-Universe, Spanish tablets at an affordable price

To get advanced technology at a good price you do not need to go to Chinese brands. For 20 years SPC-Universe has been working in the national market with a clear objective: that all consumers enjoy technology without sacrificing their pockets.For this, a couple of years ago, it launched a new image and a broader product catalog with … Read more

How to repair the touch screen of a tablet?

Have you bought a touch screen and it does not work or does it halfway? Don’t worry, this does not mean that your part does not work, many times it is due to small errors when changing it.In Tablet Spare Parts we give you the following tips so you know how to repair the touch screen … Read more

13 cheap and powerful smartphones for students

Renewing the phone has become another task to consider for back to school . Students are facing a new course in which the smartphone can become the “all in one” to turn to for almost anything and to facilitate the choice of the model that best suits your needs, we are going to review the … Read more

What is the best android texting app?

On most Android smartphones, the SMS client installed by default is the manufacturer’s internal application. Besides not looking pretty, their selection is generally poor.  Although some people do better, that doesn’t mean that if the grass isn’t greener there, they can’t look elsewhere. That’s why we’re here to bring you a selection of the best SMS apps … Read more

Protecting your iPhone with a case, why is it important?

If there is a single representative object of the beginning of the century, it is undoubtedly the smartphone.   Appearing in the early 2000s in our European countries, this “smart phone” conquered almost all consumers in France and Navarre in less than 10 years. To the point of becoming essential for most of us to carry … Read more

Adblock Android, the ad blocker app for Android smartphones

Adblock plus is a modified version of the version for laptops and desktops that performs the same functions and has the same interface as the original version. The extension itself is called Adblock Android and you can install it from the Google Play Store. It is the alternative with which you can have Adblock on your mobile … Read more

SMS marketing: an economical solution

The Internet offers many tools to convey your brand and your services, but it is not always the most economical solution. Today there is a very effective system, even if it is sometimes still a little forgotten: SMS marketing.  This is a powerful solution for sending advertising messages to potential customers. SMS is a tool with enormous … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S22: all about this compact and stylish smartphone

The world of telephony is like an endless wave of novelties, with ever-renewed options and possibilities that seem never to end.  No sooner has a model been released than its biggest competitor outbids it with a faster, more ergonomic, or more efficient smartphone. And if there is a brand from which we always expect wonders, … Read more

Can a telephone conversation be recorded?

Looking for the best way to record calls on your mobile? This function is usually not on the phone, but it is possible if certain applications are used. The reasons for call recording can be multiple. For example, it is essential for those of us who conduct phone interviews; and form a test before contracts are signed over … Read more

Smartphone: tempered glass to protect the screen

Recognized brands such as Samsung and Apple continue to show ingenuity to offer their customers ever more aesthetic and efficient smartphones. However, these devices are fragile and can be damaged following a shock.  To protect the screen of your smartphone against the risk of breaks and scratches, tempered glass is an excellent solution. The use of this … Read more