SPC-Universe, Spanish tablets at an affordable price

To get advanced technology at a good price you do not need to go to Chinese brands. For 20 years SPC-Universe has been working in the national market with a clear objective: that all consumers enjoy technology without sacrificing their pockets.For this, a couple of years ago, it launched a new image and a broader product catalog with which to cover the needs of everyone. SPC is not only a Spanish tablet brand, now it also offers smartwatches, electric scooters and even educational robotics.aTablet Parts  we know this technological brand first-hand and we want to tell you why so many people trust their products.

SPC Spain as a synonym of quality

One of the most interesting details of SPC Universe is the fact that it is a Spanish brand . So there is no problem of understanding when choosing the products. All the files are available in Spanish and allow you to know the technical characteristics of all the devices.

SPC tablets, cheap and with a good design

The Basque electronics company has set out to bring technology to a new generation of consumers.

For this reason, its products break with the concept that  low cost  equals poor quality.

SPC tablets are a clear example of this. With a very elegant design, these electronic tablets give the feeling of being much more expensive than they really are.

Its use of materials, measurements and finishes make more than one think that they cannot be so cheap.

If you need a device with enough features to watch videos, install applications and play games, SPC tablets are perfect for it. All of them are cheap Spanish tablets with a great design.

A Spanish brand tablet for every need

Looking for a tablet for kids? Then you have the SPC Flow 7, designed for the little ones in the house and with a price that does not reach 60 euros.

Do you want to get good value for money? SPC-Universe presents you the SPC Heaven 10.1. Its price, again, is much lower than that of other tablets in its category since it does not reach 150 euros.

The SPC brand can boast of having a wide variety of tablets at very competitive prices. That is why it is the favorite product of those who are looking for tablets from Spanish brands.

In addition, one of the great advantages that the SPC brand offers you is that you can repair the screen and acquire all its spare parts effortlessly.

If the screen of your SPC tablet breaks or any of its parts are damaged, at Tablet Spare Parts we have all the SPC tablet spare parts you need in case your device breaks down. So you can fix the tablet yourself saving a lot of money.

Opinions about SPC tablets

Thinking of buying an SPC tablet? So, you are interested in knowing what other users think of their products.

Overall ratings for SPC tablets are very good with buyers noting the good value for money across all of their device lines and excellent customer service both before and after purchase.

At a particular level, it depends on which model we are talking about, the valuations are more specific according to the characteristics of each one.

SPC Heaven

Users highlight the good quality of this tablet in relation to its price. The screen resolution and the modern, minimalist design are the highlights.

SPC Twister

Reviews of the SPC Twister highlight the quality of its Full HD retina display and battery life. 

Among the negative reviews, they highlight that the screen is very fragile, so from Tablet Parts we recommend you get a suitable protective cover and a screen protector for SPC tablets to avoid scares.