How to repair the touch screen of a tablet?

Have you bought a touch screen and it does not work or does it halfway? Don’t worry, this does not mean that your part does not work, many times it is due to small errors when changing it.In Tablet Spare Parts we give you the following tips so you know how to repair the touch screen of your tablet so you can enjoy your device as soon as possible. First of all you should know that there are two types of screens on tablets. One is the touch screen and the other is the LCD screen. If you don’t know the difference between the two, we invite you to take a look at this article in which we teach you how to identify which screen you have broken or doesn’t work on your tablet. Once you are clear that it is the touch screen that is not working well, take note of the following tests that you can do to solve the problem.

How to fix the touch of the tablet?

Many times when connecting the touch screen, it does not work properly. This does not mean that it is damaged. In many cases, the error is caused by a minor problem that can be easily fixed.

We are going to show you what are the most common reasons why your tablet does not recognize the touch. Take note!

check the flex cable

As we said, if the touch screen does not work after having connected it, it does not mean that it is a failure of the replacement. The most common is that it has not been installed correctly. One of the most common errors is in the flex cable.

Before repairing the flex cable, check that it is well connected to the motherboard. You may need to clean the outside of the flex connector as they are made of copper and can oxidize.

If you doubt about how to clean the flex of the screen, don’t worry because it is simpler than you may think. Try an eraser or tissue and isopropyl alcohol like this.

update firmware

There are times when part of the touch screen does not work. Other times, it doesn’t work at all. If the latter is your case, it is possible that the firmware of the new screen fails.

How to solve it? By following these simple steps:

Disconnect the original screen flex cable, turn on the tablet without connecting any cables. This will override the previous firmware.

Now turn off the tablet. For her, press the on or off button for a long time (10 or 15 seconds). If this doesn’t work try disconnecting the battery.

Once the tablet is off, connect the touch screen flex cable and turn on the tablet. The sensor firmware will now be updated and the new screen should now work.

If after following these steps, the touch screen still does not work correctly, it will be necessary to reset the factory settings in the way that we explain below.

Do a Hard Reset

Resetting to factory settings or doing a hard reset is a different procedure for each tablet model. The ideal is to search the Internet, on the manufacturer’s website, for information on how to do it.

There are models that require performing several procedures at the same time, for example, updating the firmware first and then performing a calibration.

It is best to follow the specific instructions for each case.

Update the software

If the above doesn’t work, there is another way to fix the tablet’s touch screen.

Try completely reflashing the device software, updating it to the latest version or an earlier version.

To do this you must go to the manufacturer’s website or Internet forums and download the drivers and tools to install the new firmware.

Place the screen correctly

Sometimes the solution is as simple as positioning the touch screen correctly.

If you see that the tablet goes crazy, suffers continuous presses or applications open by themselves, you should check the position of the touch screen. It may be badly placed and that it has been left in an oblique position or with the frame bent.

Before giving up your touch screen for lost, make sure that the touch screen is correctly placed.

Ready! Now you know how to fix a tablet where the touch does not work.

Does your touch screen already work? Now read this.

Once your tablet’s touch screen is finally working, don’t be in a hurry to remove the protective plastic.

Before doing so, make sure that the operation of the touch screen is 100% correct. For this you can use the APP Test Your Android to test it or another free application from the Play Store.

Why is verification advisable? Because the manipulation, breakage or absence of the guarantee seal supposes the automatic cancellation of the guarantee of the touch screen of your tablet.

The manufacturer requires that at the time of receiving the part, before being installed or manipulated, it be tested without removing any protective plastic.

If after completing all these steps the touch screen still does not work, it is time to return it. At Tablet Parts we make it very easy for you. You just have to request a return and we will send you another touch screen so that your tablet works correctly.