Telecos and ‘low cost’ intensify their fight for the customer in the post-pandemic market

The double challenge of the operators: loyalty with more services and offer efficiency for tighter pockets The waters go down in turmoil in the telecommunications market in Spain. Once the pandemic fades into the background, the real challenges of this sector emerge: customer loyalty , in which the price factor has regained great strength, and the technological challenge … Read more

Orange will invest 24 million until the end of 2022 in five new data processing centers

The operator has just inaugurated a first installation in Santander, but plans to extend this model to Salamanca, Orense, León, Cáceres and Almería due to the deployment of 5G and the promotion of XGSPONG The data economy is increasingly a palpable reality and the main telecommunications operators such as Orange are already making significant investments … Read more

Mobile telephony: contesting an invoice

What to do in case of disagreement on his telephone bill? What to do in case of disagreement on his telephone bill?After a stay abroad, you notice billing outside the package due to the use of the Internet while on the move during the holidays. Is it possible to dispute this billing that you do not … Read more

Will there be semiconductors for Christmas?

The shortage of semiconductors that the world has been experiencing for almost two years now has a strong impact on the user sectors, which are finding it difficult to obtain electronic components at a good price. Of course, tensions between supply and demand are not new in the sector and have even been the subject of particular … Read more