Adblock Android, the ad blocker app for Android smartphones

Adblock plus is a modified version of the version for laptops and desktops that performs the same functions and has the same interface as the original version. The extension itself is called Adblock Android and you can install it from the Google Play Store. It is the alternative with which you can have Adblock on your mobile because the Apple Store is dedicated to smartphones running on IOS.

Thanks to Adblock Android, you will put an end to annoying ads on your mobile phone. To begin, we will see how to install the AdBlock extension on your mobile, then we will explain everything you need to know about the possibilities of this application and why it is absolutely essential for a pleasant browsing on your mobile.

Install the AdBlock Android extension from the Google Play Store

Once you have installed the Adblock Android application on your Smartphone, you can choose to activate Adblock in your browser to avoid all kinds of advertisements. Once the plugin is downloaded, you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the browser
  2. Go to “Extensions” 
  3. There, go activate the extension (Adblock), and automatically all advertisements will be blocked.

Steps to configure AdBlock Android on Chrome

After installing the extension on mobile, what you have to do is go to the details icon in the extension, and in this part you will be able to access the options of the extension. This is where you can specifically see all the options you have to have Adblock for Google Chrome.


Browse from mobile without ads

With the method explained in this article, you can enjoy browsing with peace of mind when using Google Chrome on Android. You will have the option to block the ads you want when you are on a certain website or block the ones that just bother you.

In the same way, you can block pop-up elements, thanks to this you will be able to better use your time and your productivity during your navigation, since if you let all the advertisements invade you, closing each of them takes away time and a good user experience.

Deactivation is personalized

In this case, nothing could be simpler, just uninstall it for the site in question, and the extension will continue to fulfill its function on other websites. But the vast majority of websites do not require deactivation of the application, only those for which Adsense is essential.

An essential ad blocker

Having an ad blocker on pc is important, but on mobile it’s a must, because having advertising on pc is already ugly, preventing focus on the text, but on mobile, advertising makes browsing unbearable, whatever either your browser or your smartphone.

Having an ad blocker allows you to browse without suffering the effects of advertising, difficult to avoid in the form of a banner but above all absolutely unbearable when it comes to the video format, and the cross is so small that you can land on the advertiser’s site when you try to block advertising.

The benchmark for ad blockers

There are many alternatives to Adblock Android, but some do not block all forms of advertising while others allow certain sites to evade ad blockers in exchange for a fee. Big websites that depend on advertising for a living often use this method of racketeering to inflict their advertising banners on you.